Our expertise in public affairs will help you achieve your business goals. We strategically frame your issue, develop effective messaging and deliver it to the appropriate audiences to shape public opinion and enhance your reputation.


Public Affairs

Does your challenge require a wholesale shift in public opinion? Perhaps you need to educate people on the benefits of your issue or you seek to raise awareness about how certain legislation will impact an industry. Maybe it’s a ballot initiative you’d like to see pass or fail. Our savvy counsel and nuanced expertise provides you the competitive advantage you need.

We’ll assess the landscape, and, using traditional and social media, coalition building and education and outreach programs, craft a detailed strategy taking maximum advantage of alliances and opportunities while minimizing potential minefields. The mix of tactics will be different for each client, but the results will be similar: minds changed, hearts swayed, goals met.

Issues Management

When it comes to issues management, a proactive approach is the best way to make clear to policymakers how their actions would impact your reputation or business goals.

We’ll frame the issue, craft the message and determine the best means to effectively deliver your story to the appropriate audiences. As well, we can help position you with media, policymakers and the public as a credible source of information on the issue, ensuring you a hand in shaping future dialogue.

Your issues are important. We’ll make them important to others, too.

Media Relations

Would your challenge be less daunting if you could leverage the power and reach of the media? Maybe you are trying to publicize your issue through local and regional outlets, or you’re trying to augment a targeted advertising campaign with favorable editorials and credible news coverage.

We can cultivate spokespeople from within your organization or among your allies, craft talking points and develop opportunities to deliver messages through the right media mix to influence the right audiences. We leverage our media contacts to provide you the access you need to get in front of an issue, promote a product or manage impacts to your reputation or business objectives.

We’ve got your back. And now challenges begin to look more like opportunities.

Ballot Measure Communication Campaigns

Passing or stopping a ballot measure in this state is no small feat. We bring a high-impact communications and media relations operation to help you win.

Using polling and research, we’ll frame the issue and craft messages that will resonate with voters and employ a range of delivery tactics, including rapid engagement and response, digital advocacy, editorial board programs and public events. We also serve as campaign spokespeople and provide media training for public speakers.

We’re experienced in the art of ballot-speak. Let us speak for you.